Wednesday, January 26, 2011

MySQL (4th) Paul Dubois

Table of Contents
Why Choose MySQL?
Already Running Another RDBMS?
Tools Provided with MySQL
What You Can Expect from This Book
Road Map to This Book
Part I: General MySQL Use.
Part II: Using MySQL Programming Interfaces
Part III: MySQL Administration
Part IV: Appendixes
How to Read This Book
Versions of Software Covered in This Book
Conventions Used in This Book
Additional Resources

I: General MySQL Use
1 Getting Started with MySQL
2 Using SQL to Manage Data
3 Data Types
4 Stored Programs
5 Query Optimization
II: Using MySQL Programming Interfaces
6 Introduction to MySQL Programming
7 Writing MySQL Programs Using C
8 Writing MySQL Programs Using Perl DBI
9 Writing MySQL Programs Using PHP
III: MySQL Administration
10 Introduction to MySQL Administration
11 The MySQL Data Directory
12 General MySQL Administration
13 Access Control and Security
14 Database Maintenance, Backups, and Replication
IV: Appendixes
A Obtaining and Installing Software
B Data Type Reference
C Operator and Function Reference
D System, Status, and User Variable Reference
E SQL Syntax Reference
F MySQL Program Reference
G C API Reference
H Perl DBI API Reference
I PHP API Reference
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