Thursday, January 27, 2011

Professional Excel Development

Chapter 1 Introduction
About This Book
Who Should Read This Book
Excel Developer Categories
Excel as an Application Development Platform
Supported Versions of Excel
On the CD
Help and Support
The Professional Excel Development Web Site
Feedback . . . .
Chapter 2 Application Architectures
Chapter 3 Excel and VBA Development Best Practices
Chapter 4 Worksheet Design
Chapter 5 Function, General, and Application-Specific Add-ins
Chapter 6 Dictator Applications
Chapter 7 Using Class Modules to Create Objects
Chapter 8 Advanced Command Bar Handling
Chapter 9 Introduction to XML
Chapter 10 The Office 2007 Ribbon User Interface

Chapter 11 Creating Cross-Version Applications
Chapter 12 Understanding and Using Windows API Calls
Chapter 13 UserForm Design and Best Practices
Chapter 14 Interfaces
Chapter 15 VBA Error Handling
Chapter 16 VBA Debugging
Chapter 17 Optimizing VBA Performance
Chapter 18 Introduction to Database Development
Chapter 19 Programming with Access and SQL Server
Chapter 20 Data Manipulation Techniques
Chapter 21 Advanced Charting Techniques
Chapter 22 Controlling Other Office Applications
Chapter 23 Excel and Visual Basic 6
Chapter 24 Excel and VB.NET
Chapter 25 Writing Managed COM Add-ins with VB.NET
Chapter 26 Developing Excel Solutions with Visual Studio Tools for Office System (VSTO)
Chapter 27 XLLs and the C API
Chapter 28 Excel and Web Services
Chapter 29 Providing Help, Securing, Packaging, and Distributing
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