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Video Editing Tutorial PDF

Ulead Video Studio 9 Video Editing Software, Download this Tutorial in here

Ulead Cool 3D Download this Tutorial in here

iMovie HD 6 Full Tutorial
Table of Contents
A. Creating A New Project
B. Importing Digital Video
C. Structure of iMovie
D. Basic Clip Manipulation
E. Editing & Cropping Video
F. Preview Controls
G. Working with Still Photos/Images
H. Titles
I. Transitions
J. Effects
K. Working with Audio Clips
L. Sharing Your iMovie
Download this Tutorial in here

iMovie HD Tutorial
Step One: Start a New Project
Step Two: Import Video Into iMovie HD
Step Three: Choose the Video You Want to Keep
Step Four: Build Your Movie
Step Five: Add Photos to Your Movie
Step Six: Add Titles and Text
Step Seven: Make Adjustments to Clips
Step Eight: Add Transitions
Step Nine: Add a Soundtrack
Adding Audio to Your Movie
Adjusting the Length of Audio Clips
Adjusting the Volume of Audio Clips
Step Ten: Share Your Movie
Chapter 3 34 iMovie HD at a Glance
iMovie HD Project Window
Main Window
Clip Viewer
Timeline Viewer
Clips Pane
Themes Pane
Media Pane
Download this Tutorial in here

iMovie 11 is consumer-level digital video editing software for Macintosh. You can use iMovie 11 to edit the footage you film with digital video cameras and HD video cameras. The sections below will help you use iMovie 11 to edit your video efficiently. If you are unfamiliar with iMovie 11 you may want to have a look at an overview of the iMovie 11 screen, to learn some of the menus and but­tons.

0 1. Getting Started
02. Creating a new iMovie 11 Project
03. Importing Video Clips into iMovie 11
04. Previewing your movie
05. Adding Clips to Your Project
06. Clip Adjustments
07. Adding Media
08. Adding Titles
09. Adding Transitions
10. Adding Animation
11. Sharing Your Video
12. Saving your Project
Download Here

Table of Content
Create a home playable DVD from scratch
Create title and introduction
Edit the video
Add music, transitions, and photographs
Add DVD chapters
Record to DVD
Download this Tutorial in here

Editing a Movie with VideoWave
Roxio VideoWave is a Roxio Creator application that lets you edit and share your home movies. With VideoWave, even beginners can quickly produce entertaining videos, yet experienced users can enjoy complete creative control.
Dowload Here

Advanced Digital Video Editing using Adobe Premiere 6.5 Download Here


Tutorial for Basic Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Download Here

This lesson describes the role of Adobe Premiere in video production and introduces a
variety of key concepts:
Measuring video time.
Measuring frame size and resolution.
Compressing video data.
Capturing video.
Superimposing and transparency.
Using audio in a video.
Creating final video.
Download this Tutorial ini here

Scratch Video Tutorial
Design Brief for MAS 712 with Mitch Resnick, Spring ‘05
By Jay Silver
Download this Tutorial in here

Adobe Premiere Elements Tutorial Download in here

Movie Maker 2 Beginning Download this Tutorial in here

Importing/Editing and Compressing Video in iMovie 06 Tutorial Download in here

LiVES is a Video Editing System Download this tutorial in here

Video Production Handbook For Short Educational Videos Download this Tutorial in here

Simplifying Video Editing Using Metadata Download this Tutorial in here

Ulead VideoStudio 11 Plus Tutorial

Table of Contents
Welcome to Ulead VideoStudio
How VideoStudio works
Getting Started
System Requirements
Setting up your computer
Installing a capture card
Connecting a video camera to the computer
Connecting a Digital TV
Connecting analog video sources
Connecting the capture or tuner card to the sound card
Installing and running VideoStudio
Preparation for video capturing and editing
The VideoStudio Launcher
DV-to-DVD Wizard
Step 1: Scan for scenes
Step 2: Apply a theme template and burn to DVD
Movie Wizard
Step 1: Add video and images
Step 2: Select a template
Step 3: Finish
VideoStudio Editor
The user interface
Starting a new movie project
Setting your preferences
Setting project properties
Adding clips
Setting a preview range
Undoing and redoing actions
Showing and hiding grid lines
Saving your project
Saving project as Smart Package
Seamless DV and MPEG capture
The Capture Step Options Panel
Capture Video
DV Quick Scan
Importing from DVD/DVD-VR
Importing from Mobile Devices
Direct video capturing to MPEG format
The Edit Step Options Panel
Working with clips
Adding clips to the Video Track
Sorting clips in the Library
Playback Speed
Reversing video playback
Trimming a clip
Split by Scene
Multi-trimming your video
Saving trimmed clips
Exporting a video file
Capturing still images in the Edit Step
Ripple Editing
Enabling Smart Proxy
Converting multiple files
Enhancing clips
Adjusting color and brightness
Adjusting White balance
Adjusting tones
Applying video filters
Pan & Zoom
Resizing and distorting clips
Adding cues and chapters
The Effect Step Options Panel
Adding transitions
The Album transition
The Flashback transition
The Mask transitions
Mask transition options
Adding transitions to My Favorites
Applying selected transition effect to all clips
The Overlay Step Options Panel
Adding clips to the Overlay Track
Adding multiple Overlay Tracks
Working with Overlay clips
Trimming Overlay clips
Repositioning the current Overlay clip
Resizing an Overlay clip
Distorting an Overlay clip
Applying motion to the Overlay clip
Enhancing Overlay clips
Applying transparency to the Overlay clip
Chroma Keying an Overlay clip
Adding a mask frame
Adding a border
Applying a filter to the Overlay clip
Using the same attributes for different Overlay clips
Adding Objects or Frames
Adding Flash animations
Customizing the current object, frame, or Flash animation
The Title Step Options Panel
Adding text
Adding preset text to your project
Inserting subtitles to your project
Editing text
Modifying text attributes
Rearranging the stacking order for multiple titles
Repositioning a text in a multiple-title clip
Rotating text
Applying animation
Animation effects
Saving your titles to the Library
The Audio Step Options Panel
Adding audio files
Adding voiceover narration
Adding background music
Using the Clip Volume Control
Trimming and cutting audio clips
Stretching audio duration
Mixing audio tracks
Using the Surround Sound Mixer
Duplicating an audio channel
Volume rubber banding
Applying audio filters
The Share Step Options Panel
Creating movie templates
Optimizing MPEG videos
Creating and saving a video file
Burning a DVD, VCD, SVCD or HD DVD
Assembling files
Adding/Editing chapters
Creating selection menus
Burning your project onto a disc
Project Playback
Exporting your movie
Export to Mobile Device
Output video file to a different medium
Posting your video on a Web page
Sending a movie by e-mail
Electronic greeting cards
Setting your video as your Movie Screen Saver
Creating an audio file
Recording back to a DV camcorder
Recording back to an HDV camcorder
Sharing your videos online
Appendix A: Menus and dialog boxes
File menu
Edit menu
Clip menu
Tools menu
Help menu
Dialog boxes
Advanced Settings (DV-to-DVD Wizard)
Audio Save Options
Batch Convert
Capture Options
Change Capture Plug-in
Burning Options
Preferences: File menu
Preferences (Create Disc)
Preview Playback Options
Project Properties
Project Options
Project Settings (Create Disc)
Preview Files Manager
Select Device Control
Appendix B: Shortcuts
Menu command shortcuts
Step Panel shortcuts
Navigation Panel shortcuts
Timeline shortcuts
Multi-trim Video shortcuts
Appendix C: Technology Overview
Analog vs. Digital
HD Technology
SmartRender Technology
DV SmartPlay
Appendix D: System tweaks
Enabling DMA for IDE disks
Disabling Write-Behind Caching
Setting the Paging File size
Appendix E. Tips and techniques
Index .
Download here PDF | 14,26 MB

Tutorial Video Editing Ulead VideoStudio 10 Bahasa Indonesia
Daftar isi
1. Fungsi Video Editing
a. Hoby
b. Professional
c. Dokumentasi
d. Edukasi
2. Jenis-jenis Aplikasi Video Editing
3. Spesifikasi Komputer
Pertemuan Pertama
1. Membuka Ulead Video Studio 10
2. Memasang shortcut ulead di destop
3. Mengenal tampilan ulead
4. Membuat project baru
5. Membuat slidshow foto
a. Memasukan foto/gambar ke Ulead 10
b. Memasukan foto/gambar ke Storyboard
c. Menambah efek/transisi
d. Menambah Title (judul, keterangan, subtitle, penutup, dll)
e. Menambah audio (mp3 dll)
f. Share (rendering)
Pertemuan Kedua
1. Mengenal format video dan Audio
Format Video Format Audio
2. AVI
3. DAT
4. FLV
5. MP4
6. 3gp
7. Dll.
1. MP3
2. AMR
3. WAV
4. RM
5. OGG
7. Dll.
2. Cara mengambil audio dari video
3. Cara merubah format audio
4. Cara merubah format video
Pertemuan ketiga
1. Memasukan video dari Handycam/kamera digital/kaset (capturing)
2. Editing video
3. Cara memotong video
4. Bekerja dengan time line
5. Masking
6. Tips kreatif via operlay
7. Slow motion
8. Video Filter
9. Decoration
10. Memasukan judul/lirik lagu
Pertemuan keempat
1. Membuat film dalam format VCD/DVD
a. Format video tanpa burning
b. Format video dengan burning ke VCD/DVD
2. Membuat menu film
3. Seting dan cetak label VCD/DVD
Silahkan download disini PDF | 3,54 MB

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