Monday, December 13, 2010

Blogger Tutorial PDF

Tutorial on Blogs
To learn to set up a blog in Blogger, follow the tutorial below.
1 What is a blog?
A Blog (or weblog) is an online journal or ‘diary’ that can be immediately and easily
updated. A Blog can consist of a list of interesting web sites, or a diary of someone's
thoughts and feelings, or it can be a combination of these. A blog can consist only of text,
but it can easily include photos. A blog can be used by one person only, or by a number of people.
2 Types of blogs for EFL classes
There are three main types of blogs used in education (called ‘edublogs’)
a) A Class blog – one blog is used by a class or several classes
b) A Learner blog – each learner has his/her own blog
c) A Tutor blog – the teacher has a blog which he/she uses to give learners
information, such as homework assignments, extra reading practice, links to interesting sites…
Download this Tutorial in here

Blogger Tutorial
While there are many, many blogging applications out there, I think that the easiest
by far is Blogger.
I personally use Blogger, in some form, for the 4 blogs that I
currently run.
Even if you decide to go elsewhere after this class, using Blogger

and getting used to Blog-speak will prepare you well for the next application you use.
This tutorial goes over the basics that you need to utilize Blogger for the
requirements in this course. I’ll start with registration, then go over set up options
and lastly the commenting feature.
Download this Tutorial in here

Membuat Blog Menggunakan Blogger, download tutorialnya disini
Tutorial pembuatan blog download disini
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