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Wordpress Tutorial PDF

WordPress Blogs for CFCC Faculty and Staff
What is WordPress?
WordPress is a web log program that allows users to create and manage their own blogs.
Users can create and manage blog posts using a web based interface and see their content published instantly.

Who can use WordPress?
WordPress blogs are available to CFCC Faculty and Staff for use as their personal CFCC web pages.
While each faculty or staff member controls the content of their blog they are still
representing Cape Fear Community College to the public.
Subject matter and content published to the WordPress blogs should be relevant and appropriate to Cape Fear Community College.
It is also important to keep in mind that the CFCC Acceptable Use Policy for computers and technology applies to the WordPress blogs.

Why Use WordPress?
Because WordPress Rocks! It is also a great way to connect with students and colleagues.
A WordPress blog can be used to supplement instructional material, journal professional
development, support research or just blog about things that are interesting.
Here are a few examples of how blogs are used at CFCC and other schools:
Download this Tutorial in here

A WordPress CMS website (or blog) is easy to use, provides an immediate internet presence, and is very cost effective.
The system allows an administrator/s to easily manage a blog or website, while the general
public can also contribute if they wish – and only if their comments are manually ‘approved’ by the administrator.
What are the advantages of a WordPress Website or Blog?
A WordPress blog places your information in another sub-universe on the web – the Blog-o-sphere.
By using “Tags” (discussed in more detail later) for each of your ‘posts’ (articles), other people interested in your topic can find your information immediately and easily through other blogs and ‘RSS feeds’.
In this way, your posts may attract visitors who might not otherwise come across your website.
It also provides an easy-to-use system for updating and maintaining your website.
Download this Tutorial in here

WORDPRESS Primer and Quick Start Guide download this Tutorial in here
Wordpress merupakan Content Managemen System (CMS) blog yang sangat populer dan powerfull untuk dijadikan website pribadi, toko online, portal berita, dll.
Dukungan wordpress begitu banyak dengan ditambah para developer wordpress yang selalu update membuat para penggunanya mudah untuk mengatur konten serta tampilannya.
Bagi anda yang ingin memulai membuka toko online, website pribadi, website perusahaan, dll. Anda bisa memulainya dari wordpress karena wordpress sangat mudah untuk digunakan orang awam dan yang paling penting adalah dukungan SEO yang relatif mudah ter-index oleh search engine.
Download Tutorial ini disini

Tutorial Instal XAMPP
WordPress membutuhkan XAMPP agar bisa berjalan di PC, Tutorial ini dapat anda download disini


Membuat WebBlog sendiri dengan WordPress dapat anda download disini
Tutorial Membuat Web Blog Menggunakan Layanan WORDPRESS download disini
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