Friday, December 10, 2010

MySQL Tutorial PDF

Table of content
Part I MySQL Basics
Chapter 1 Installing MySQL
Chapter 2 Quick Tour
Part II Designing and Creating Database with MySQL
Chapter 3 Database Design Crash Course
Chapter 4 Creating Database Tables and Indexes
Part III Using MySQL
Chapter 5 Inserting, Deleting and Updating Data
Chapter 6 Querying MySQL
Chapter 7 Advanced Querles
Chapter 8 Using MySQL Built-in Functions with SELECT
Part IV MySQL Table Types and Transaction
Chapter 9 Understanding MySQL's Table Types
Chapter 10 Using Transaction with InnoDB Tables
Part V Administering MySQL
Chapter 11 Managing User Privileges
Chapter 12 Configuring MySQL
Chapter 13 Administering Your Database
Chapter 14 Backup and Disarter Recovery
Chapter 15 Securing Your MySQL Installation
Chapter 16 Replicating Your Database
Part VI Optimizing MySQL
Chapter 17 Optimizing Your MySQL Server Configuration
Chapter 18 Optimizing Your Database
Chapter 19 Optimizing Your Queries
Download this Tutorial in here

1. Dasar SQL Query
Query pengelolaan database
Query satu tabel
Query banyak tabel
2. Membuat koneksi ke database
Membuka sambungan dengan database server
Memilih dan membuka database yang diinginkan
Mengirim perintah untuk mengambil / mengubah / menghapus data
3. Mengakses hasil query
Tutorial ini dapat anda download disini

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