Friday, December 10, 2010

HTML Tutorial PDF

Where is the download archive?
I thought I should be doing the tutorial off line, but then can't access my pages because my web
browser keeps trying to dial up my PPP.
I've created my web pages, but why can't anyone else see them on the Internet?
I've created my web pages on my desktop computer -- how do I get them to a WWW server?
I've updated my web pages but do not see the changes in my web browser. Why?
When I load my web pages into my web browser, why do I see odd characters at the top of the screen?
Why do I see an icon with a question mark rather then my inline image?
Could you please help with a tag that makes all HTML commands inside the tag text/ignored?
How can I make a link that will the download a file?
How do you create a counter that shows how many times someone has visited your page?

I downloaded the Windows Zip archive and when I click on the Start link it cannot find locate file
I can't get the volc.html file to load on my browser? I'm using Internet Explorer, is there anything
I need to do?
This tutorial is great! Can I make copies?
How can I have a sound play when my page opens?
Can I make a web page from webTV?
How can I force the text not to wrap at the edge of the browser window?
How do I get rid of the underlining of hyperlinks?
What is this fascination about cheese in your lessons?
Download this Tutorial in here

Content vs. Presentation

•HTML (content)
–Historicallywas used for rendering content and presentation
–Now, push is to use only for describing content –e.g. Header, paragraph, list, image, etc.
–Still backwards compatibleand can be used for presentation
•CSS (presentation)
–Introduced after the web started getting really ‘fancy.’
–Now, we use a separateCSS file for the presentation–e.g. Layout, color, font, position, size, etc
Download this Tutorial in here

Tables in HTML: A tutorial
Table of Contents
1. Basic table building
1.1. A simple table
1.2. Captioning a table
1.3. Specifying dimensions
1.4. Specifying horizontal alignment of cells
1.5. Specifying vertical alignment for a whole row
2. Attributes of the table tag
3. Column and row headings
4. Spanned cells
5. A look ahead: HTML 4.01 tables
5.1. Specifying the alignment for an entire column
5.2. Column grouping
5.3. Table headers and footers
Download this Tutorial in here

Apa itu HTML?
Sebelum kita mengenal apa itu HTML ada baiknya kita mengetahui dulu apa itu HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol).
HTTP merupakan protokol yang digunakan untuk mentransfer data atau dokumen antara web server ke web browser (Netscape,Internet Explorer dll).
Dan protokol ini sewaktu melakukan transfer, dokumen atau data webnya ditulis atau dengan menggunakan format HTML.
HTML sendiri adalah singkatan dari "hypertext markup language".
Disebut dengan markup language karena HTML berfungsi untuk memperindah file tulisan (text) biasa untuk dapat dilihat pada web browser-web browser yang ada.
Tutorial pengenalan HTML dapat anda download disini
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