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Macromedia Flash Tutorial PDF

Chapter 1Basic Tasks: Create a Document .
Chapter 2 Basic Tasks Creating a banner Part 1
Chapter 3 Basic Tasks Creating a banner Part 2
Chapter 4 Basic Tasks Creating a banner Part 3
Chapter 5 Basic Tasks Create Accessible Flash Content
Chapter 6 Basic Tasks Work with Layers
Chapter 7 Basic Tasks Create an Aplication
Chapter 8 Basic Tasks Use Layout Tools
Chapter 9 Basic Tasks Create Symbols and Instances
Chapter 10 Basic Task Add Button Animation
Chapter 11 Basic Tasks Create a Presentation with Screens
Chapter 12 Creating Graphics : Draw in Flash
Chapter 13 Creating Graphics : Create a Timeline Animation
Chapter 14 Creating Graphics : Making Animations
Chapter 15 Creating Graphics : Applying Gradients
Chapter 16 Creating Graphics : Apply Graphic Filters
Chapter 17 Text : Add Text to a Document
Chapter 18 ActionScript : Use Script Assist mode
Chapter 19 ActionScript : Write Script
Chapter 20 ActionScript : Add Interactivity
Chapter 21 ActionScript : Create a Form with Conditional Logic and Send Data
Chapter 22 ActonScript : Work with Objects and Classes
Chapter 23 Data Integration : Overview (Flash Professional Only)
Chapter 24 Data Interation : Using the Macromedia
Chapter 25 Data Integration : Using XML for a Timesheet (Flash Professional Only)
Chapter 26 Data Integration : Using XUpdate to Update the Timesheet (Flash Professional Only)
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Flash MX Tutorials
Introduction to Flash MX Tutorial
What you should know
View the completed movie
Analyze the stiletto.fla file
Define properties for a new document and create a gradient background
Create and mask vector art
Tween bitmap effects within a movie clip
Load dynamic text at runtime
Add animation and navigation to buttons
Add streaming and event sounds
Organize your Library panel
Test download performance and publish the movie
The next steps
Introduction to ActionScript Tutorial
View a completed movie
Initialize the movie
Save and retrieve information
Display information in a dynamic text box
Write an expression
Control the flow of the movie
Create commands and reuse code
Use a built-in object
Test the movie
The next steps
Introduction to Components Tutorial
Types of components.
View the completed form
Create a form
The next steps
Download Here

Dreamweaver MX Tutorials
Dreamweaver MX Tutorials
What you will learn
Using Tables to Design a Page Layout Tutorial
Before You Begin
Create and modify a table in Standard view
Add color to a table
Set a relative width table in Standard view
Create a pixel width based table
Design a page in Layout view
Draw a layout cell
Add multiple layout cells
Move or resize a layout cell
Add color to a table
Set a relative width table in Layout view
Take the next step
Image Alignment and Image Maps Tutorial
Before You Begin
Set image alignment
Set image spacing
Create an image map
Take the next steps
Working with Dreamweaver Design
Files Tutorial
Before You Begin
Working with code snippets
Insert a code snippet
Add a content code snippet
Add a footer code snippet
Modify the snippet content
Save code as a snippet
Take the next steps
Designing with Cascading Style Sheets Tutorial
Before you begin
Open the CSS Styles panel
Redefine an HTML tag
Set a page background color
Set a style for links
Export styles to create an external style sheet
Attach an external style sheet
Take the next steps
Building a Master-Detail Page Set Tutorial
Before you begin
Create a master-detail page set
Create a database recordset
Insert a Master-Detail Page Set application object
View your pages
Take the next steps
Building an Insert Record Page Tutorial
Before you begin
Create an insert page
Add form objects
Define an Insert Record server behavior
Test your page
Take the next steps
Download Here

Macromedia Flash (SWF) and Flash Video (FLV) File Format Specification Version 8 download here

Adobe Flash and Photoshop Tutorials
Photoshop Tool Bar
The most Popular Tools
Tool Palettes
Capturing Images
Saving your images in different file types in Photoshop:
The size and resolution
Change the size and resolution of your images
Optimizing your files for Adobe Flash
Bitmaps and Vectors
Adobe Illustrator – Live trace: Convert your bitmaps into vectors
Introduction to Adobe Flash
Layout of the Flash Desktop
Adobe Flash Library
Adding an Item to the Library
Displaying Items from your Library
Movie Clips
Explanation of keyframes
Frame by frame animation
Motion Tween
Create the Tweening example
Flash Shape Tween
Shape Text / images
Creating mask
Text masking
Working with scenes
Sound Forge: Sound Editing Tutorial
Adding Sound to a Movie
Creating a Button
Button Actionscript
Export your final movie
Download Here

Flash 8 Projects for Learning Animation and Interactivity, download here
Adobe Flash CS3 Tutorial download here

Macromedia Flash ActionScript tutorial
ActionScript is the scripting language of Macromedia Flash. A scripting language is a way to communicate with a program; you can use it to tell Flash what to do and to ask Flash what is happening as a movie runs. This two-way communication lets you create interactive movies. In this tutorial, you will examine the tasks involved in creating an interactive puzzle.
To complete the ActionScript tutorial, you'll take advantage of Flash 5 features beyond what you learned in the lessons and the Using Flash tutorial, and you'll learn more about creating an interactive movie. The tutorial is designed for Flash users who are ActionScript beginners but who want to work towards advanced abilities. You should already be familiar with basic actions and know how to assign them in the Actions panel. To get the most out of this tutorial, you should first complete the tutorial in the Using Flash manual. You should also be comfortable with the concepts presented in the chapter "Creating Interactive Movies" in the Using Flash manual.
Download here PDF | 496,65 KB

Tutorial FLASH MX Bagi Pemula Berbahasa Indonesia unduh disini
Tutorial Macromedia Flash 8 Berbahasa Indonesia dapat anda unduh disini
Tutorial Dasar‐Dasar MACROMEDIA FLASH‐MX 2004 unduh disini
Macromedia Flash 8 professional tutorial unduh disini
Membuat file persentasi dengan Flash unduh disini

Tutorial Komputer Multimedia (Macromedia Flash dan ISpring)
Daftar Isi
Bab 1 Pendahuluan
Bab 2 Objek dalam Flash
Bab 3 Pengolahan Teks
Bab 4 Simbol Instance dan Library
Bab 5 Animasi
Bab 6 Navigasi
Bab 7 Ispring Presenter
Bab 8 CD Autorun
Daftar Pustaka
Unduh disini PDF | 1,20 MB
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