Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wireless Networking Tutorial

Chapter 1 Supporting Wireless Technologies
1.1 The Frequency Spectrum
1.2 Wireless Communication Primer
1.3 Spread Spectrum
1.4 Global System for Mobile and General Packet Radio Service
1.5 Code-Division Multiple Access
1.6 GSM Versus CDMA
1.7 3G Cellular Systems
1.8 2G Mobile Wireless Services
1.9 Wireless Technologies Landscape
1.10 802.11 Wireless LANs
1.11 Bluetooth
1.12 Ultra-Wideband
1.13 Radio-Frequency Identification
1.14 Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks
1.15 Satellite
1.16 Wireless Sensor Networks
1.17 Standardization in the Wireless World
1.18 Summary

Chapter 2 Wireless Networks
2.1 Bluetooth (802.15.1)
2.2 Wi-Fi (802.11)
2.3 WiMAX (802.16)
2.4 Cell Phone Technologies
Chapter 3 An Overview of Wireless Systems
Chapter 4 Wireless Application Protocol
Chapter 5 Wireless Local Area Networks
Chapter 6 Fourth-Generation Systems and New Wireless Technologies
Chapter 7 Mesh Networks: Optimal Routing and Scheduling
Chapter 8 Ad Hoc Wireless Sensor Networks
Chapter 9 Sensor Network Platforms and Tools
Chapter 10 Mobile IP
Chapter 11 Mobile IPv6
Chapter 12 Security and Survivability of Wireless Systems
Download this tutorial in here

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