Monday, February 7, 2011

PHP 6 and MySQL

Part I: Introducing PHP
Chapter 1: Why PHP and MySQL?
Chapter 2: Server-Side Scripting Overview
Chapter 3: Getting Started with PHP
Chapter 4: Learning PHP Syntax and Variables
Chapter 5: Learning PHP Control Structures and Functions
Chapter 6: Passing Information with PHP
Chapter 7: Learning PHP String Handling
Chapter 8: Learning Arrays
Chapter 9: Learning PHP Number Handling
Chapter 10: PHP Gotchas
Part II: MySQL Database Integration
Chapter 11: Introducing Databases and MySQL
Chapter 12: Installing MySQL
Chapter 13: Learning Structured Query Language (SQL).
Chapter 14: Learning Database Administration and Design
Chapter 15: Integrating PHP and MySQL
Chapter 16: Performing Database Queries
Chapter 17: Integrating Web Forms and Databases
Chapter 18: Improving Database Efficiency
Chapter 19: MySQL Gotchas

Part III: More PHP
Chapter 20: Introducing Object-Oriented PHP
Chapter 21: Advanced Array Functions
Chapter 22: Examining Regular Expressions.
Chapter 23: Working with the Filesystem
Chapter 24: Working with Cookies and Sessions
Chapter 25: Learning PHP Types
Chapter 26: Learning PHP Advanced Functions
Chapter 27: Performing Math with PHP
Chapter 28: Securing PHP
Chapter 29: Learning PHP Configuration
Chapter 30: Handing Exceptions with PHP
Chapter 31: Debugging PHP Programs
Chapter 32: Learning PHP Style
Part IV: Other Databases
Chapter 33: Connecting PHP and PostgreSQL
Chapter 34: Using PEAR DB with PHP
Chapter 35: An Overview of Oracle
Chapter 36: An Introduction to SQLite
Part V: Connections
Chapter 37: Sending E-Mail with PHP
Chapter 38: Integrating PHP and Java
Chapter 39: Integrating PHP and JavaScript
Chapter 40: Integrating PHP and XML
Chapter 41: Creating and Consuming Web Services with PHP
Chapter 42: Creating Graphics with PHP
Part VI: Case Studies
Chapter 43: Developing a Weblog with PHP
Chapter 44: A Trivia Game
Chapter 45: Data Visualization with Venn Diagrams
Appendix A: PHP for C Programmers
Appendix B: PHP for Perl Hackers
Appendix C: PHP for HTML Coders
Appendix D: PHP Resources
Appendix E: PEAR
Please download this tutorial here

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