Thursday, May 12, 2011

Drupal Multimedia

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction and Overview
Drupal's Multimedia
Drupal's Building Blocks
Region and Blocks
Contributed Modules
Content Contruction Kit (CCK)
Custom Content Types
User Permissions
Creating Content
View Administration
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Contents More:

Creating New View
Basic Setting
Page Views
Advanced Views Options
Advanced Theming
adding a New Theme
Basic Templatte Files
Custom Regions
Theme Function Overrides
Template Files Revisited
Chapter 2 Images for Admins and Editors
What Does Our Site Want?
Creating Gallery
Image Module
Gallery Categories
Image Size Setting
Image Gallery Setting
Gallery Alternatives
A Brief Note about Image Toolkits
Teaser Thumnails
Image Attach
Image Attach Content Settings
Attaching Images to Contents
Images Embedded in Contents
Image Assist
WYSIWG Alternatives
Chapter 3 Developing for Images
Image Node : The Traditional Method
Multiple Images
ImageFields: Flexible, Powerful, Useful
Widget Field Setting
Global Setting
Managing Fields
Creating Custom Contents
Display Fields
Block Field
Resizing and Cropping
Third-Party Images
Embedded Media Field
Views for Galleries and Slideshows
User Images
Taxonomy Images
Chapter 4 Theming Images
Chapter 5 Third Party Video
Chapter 6 Local Video
Chapter 7 File Asset Management
Chapter 8 Audio Notes
Chapter 9 Audio Fields
Chapter 10 Theming Audio
Chapter 11 The Future of Drupal Multimedia

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