Monday, May 9, 2011

murach's HTML XHTML and CSS


Section 1 A crash course in HTML , XHTML and CSS
Chapter 1 Introduction to web development
Chapter 2 How to edit, test and validate a web page
Chapter 3 How to use HTML to structure a web page
Chapter 4 How to use CSS to format the elements of a web page
Chapter 5 How to use the CSS box model for spacing, borders, and backgrounds
Chapter 6 How to use CSS for page layout

Section 2 Other HTML and CSS skills as you need them
Chapter 7 How to work with links and lists
Chapter 8 How to work with images
Chapter 9 How work with tables
Chapter 10 How to work with forms
Chapter 11 How to add audio, video and other media to your web site
Chapter 12 How to work with print media and mobile devices
Chapter 13 How to use JavaScript to enchange your web pages

Section 3 How to design and deploy a web site
Chapter 14 How to design a web site
Chapter 15 How to deploy a web site
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