Wednesday, May 25, 2011

OPPORTUNITIES in Broadcasting Careers

Foreword ix
Acknowledgments xi
1. The New World of Broadcasting 1
The communication challenge. The big picture. New
media era. Electronic narrowcasting. The Internet.
Electronic communications. Employment outlook.
2. A History of the Field 13
Radio growth and regulation. The Communications
Act of 1934. Development of television. Public
broadcasting. Licensed and unlicensed low-power
narrowcasting. The Telecommunications Act of 1996.
Broadcast law and policy.
Broadcasting Career Fields 25
Announcers. News analysts, reporters, and
correspondents. Writers and editors. Desktop publishers.
Television, video, and motion picture camera operators.
Systems analysts, computer scientists, and database
administrators. Broadcast and sound engineering
technicians and radio operators.
4. Television in the United States 35
Jobs in marketing, promotion, and research. Sales
positions. Management and administrative jobs.
Engineering careers. Network television jobs.
5. Cable Television 47
Cable and satellite systems. Cable network jobs.
Cable systems jobs. Multiple systems operators.
6. News Careers 63
Television news. Radio news. Cable news. Business
news jobs. Career advice from news experts. Internet
7. Electronic Media 81
Weighing your media options. Electronic media in
Canada. Ask the professor. Valuable communications
qualities. Job satisfaction. Electronic media career test.
8. Preparing for a Career in Electronic Media 95
Smaller markets. What management wants. Working
conditions. Money matters. Education. Selecting a
college or university. Broadcasting fraternities and
societies. Internships, scholarships, and fellowships.
Résumés and software. Licensing. How to get that
first job.
9. Radio 111
AM radio. FM radio. Digital and satellite radio.
Growth of radio networks. Radio personalities.
The hometown station. Group and niche
programming. Automation and syndication.
10. Radio Employment 121
Programming and production. Disc jockeys and
drive-time talent. General announcers. Sales.
Marketing, promotion, and publicity. Research.
Management and administration. Traffic.
Engineering. Additional jobs in radio.
11. Careers Related to Broadcasting 137
Nonbroadcast video systems. Video production. Video
postproduction jobs. Additional fields.
12. Opportunities in Broadcasting for
Women and Minorities 149
Gender salary comparison. Minority ownership in
broadcasting. A final word.
Appendix A: Scholarships, Internships, Fellowships,
and Grants 155
Appendix B: Broadcasting and
Journalism Job Banks 161
Appendix C: Colleges and Universities 163
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