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How to be a DJ !

1 Becoming a Radio DJ 1
What’s Involved
The Challenges of Radio
Skills Needed
The Ratings
Types of Radio Jobs
Music DJs
Talk Show DJs
Sports Announcers
Sports Reporters
Traffic Reporters.
News Reporters
Other Radio Jobs
Talking the Talk: Radio Terminology
How to Begin Your Career as a Radio DJ
College Internships
Other Ways to Gain On-Air Experience
Your “Demo” Tape
Music Formats
FCC Obscenity/Indecency Standards
Marketing Yourself
Job Outlook
Real-World Experiences
Mike Staff
Lisa G
Dave Mann
Jon “Rock ‘n’ Roll” Anthony
Denise Kelly
Mel “Toxic” Taylor
Michael Lowe
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2 Becoming a Nightclub or Bar DJ 29
Getting My Start
Coming Up in Philly
Going Euro in Jersey
Working in Atlantis
Minding My Own Business
Working as a Club DJ
Entertainment Theory
Bands vs DJs
Your DJ Name
Preparing to Play Live
Performing at Free-Standing Clubs
Performing in Hotel Clubs
Performing in Smaller Bars
Performing in Adult Clubs
Performing in After Hours Clubs
Typical Club and Bar Equipment
Turntables and CD Players
Mixers, Headphones, Speakers, and Amps
Lights and Special Effects
Using Video
Bar Games and Special Promotions
The Law
The Five-Step Plan for Successful Promotions
Effectively Marketing Yourself
Adding Credibility to Your Show
Cover Letter
The Contract
3 Becoming a Mobile DJ 77
Performing at Wedding Receptions
The Ceremony
Cocktail Hour
Wedding Introductions
The Bride and Groom’s First Dance
The Blessing or Benediction
The Toast
Dinner Hour
Parent Dances
Wedding Party Dance
Party Time!
Additional Dances and Events
Fun Wedding Events
Performing at Anniversary Parties
Performing at Class Reunions
Performing at Proms and School Dances
Performing at Company Picnics, Fundraisers, and Other Corporate Affairs
Performing at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs
Cocktail Hour
Grand Entrance
The Blessing of the Bread (“Motzi”)
Dancing and Games
The Hora
The Candlelighting Ceremony
More Dancing and Stuff
The Grand Finale
Performing at Sweet 16s
Cocktail Hour
Grand Entrance or Introductions
Special Dances
The Toast
Candlelighting Ceremony
Performing at Other Mobile Parties
Preparation for a Mobile Job
Mobile Advertising, Marketing,and Imaging
Telephone Coverage
Credit Cards
Your Sales Kit
Drumming Up Sales
Super-Secret Marketing Tricks
Contracts and Forms
Wedding Information Sheet
Equipment Checklist
Sample Contract .
4 Mobile and Club DJ Equipment 125
Introduction to Sound
The Basic Equipment
Belt Drive vs. Direct Drive
Technics 1200s
Turntable Cartridges and How They Work
Tone Arms
Hooking Up Your Turntable
CD Players
The Dual CD Deck
Tabletop CD Players
The Skippies
Types of Mics
Wireless Mics
Using a Microphone
Battle Style Mixers
Multi-channel DJ Mixers
Hooking Up Your Mixer
Choosing Your Weapon
Hooking Up Your Amplifier
Hooking Everything Up
The Cables
Packages or Starter Kits
Used Equipment
Maintenance Anyone Can Do
Emergency Kits and Backup
5 All About The Music 167
It’s All About Your Audience
Club Mixes, Remixes, and Radio Versions
Does The Music Matter?
Building a Collection from Scratch
CDs vs. Vinyl vs. MP3
Full CDs vs. CD Singles
Cocktail Music
Slow Jams
House and Techno Music
Trance/Progressive House
Freestyle or Club Music
Hip Hop and Rap
Alternative or Modern Rock
Dance Rock
Top Country
Latin Music Explosion
Maintaining Your Library
Record Pools and Promotional Services
Legal Music Download Websites
Master Programming
Dance Music vs. Listening Music
Sad Music vs Happy Music
Reading a Room
Rotating the Dance Floor
Developing Effective Music Programming
Handling Requests
Strange Requests and Other Issues
Breaking New Music
6 Performance DJs 205
The Basics of Beatmixing
Basic Dance Music Theory
Beats Per Minute
Basic Beatmixing
The Right Place at the Right Time
You Can Do It In The Mix
Sample Slamming
Beatmixing No-Nos
Advanced DJ Performance Mix Tricks
Preparing to Scratch
Scratching Techniques
The Art of Remixing and Edits
Producing Electronic Music
Dance Music Structure
Music Making Software
The Flow of Your Show
7 The MC 229
What Makes a Great MC?
One Part Comedian
One Part Politician
Ninety Eight Parts Entertainer
MC Tools
Making a Name for Yourself
Value Added
Promoting New Talent
Spotting New Trends .
Group Dynamics
Lights, or Lack Thereof
Unexpected Downshift
Getting a Little Free Help
Contests and Promotions
Kids’ Games
Teen Games
Games for All Ages
Good Prizes
Drinking on the Job?
8 DJ Resources 251
DJ Websites
Pro DJ Web Sites
DJ Magazines
Mobile Beat Magazine
DJ Times Magazine
DJ Mag
Nightclub and Bar Magazine
DJ Conventions
DJ Associations
9 The Digital Domain 259
Going Digital
Ripping and Encoding
Digital Storage
Sampling and Formats
Windows WMA
Apple AAC
Real Audio
Ogg Vorbis
Digital DJ Software
Sound Cards and Latency
Consumer Digital Music Software
Professional Live DJ Software
Digital DJ Hardware
Numark DMC-1
Visiosonic’s PCDJ FX and DAC-2
BPM Studio
Hercules DJ Controller
Stanton Final Scratch
Rane Serato Scratch Live
Complete Digital DJ Solutions
DJ Power
Portable MP3 Players
Apple iPod
Creative Labs Nomad and MuVo
Other Portables
Loop-Based Software
Sony Studios Acid
Ableton Live
Propellerhead Reason
10 Planning for the Future 291
Radio DJ Career Paths
Club/Bar DJ Career Paths
Mobile DJ Career Paths
Where Are They Now?
DJ Burnout
The Future of the Business

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